Things to Do in Downtown Asheville

If you're seeking a vibrant night on the town with your friends, you'll be thrilled to know that Asheville has pristine entertainment just around the corner from Pack Square Park. Comedy shows, art exhibits, thrilling excursions, or haunting horrors–you'll find all of these and more in North Carolina's liveliest city.

We'll take you through our favorite locations so you can plan out your vacation without a hitch.

Asheville Breweries

There's no question that Asheville has a thriving nightlife scene: all you have to do is check out the breweries, bars, and pubs scattered around the downtown plaza. Let your mouth bathe in the homemade flavor of local beer at some of the most popular brewery locations in town!

New Belgium Brewing Company
Address: 21 Craven St, Asheville
Monday - Thursday: 2PM - 9PM
Friday - Saturday: 12PM - 10PM

What They Do
This brewing company has a couple locations outside of Asheville, but this one is a favorite among many. As it sits downtown, you'll be able to walk past the brewery and grab a drink with no hassle. Enjoy!

Highland Brewing Company
Address: 12 Old Charlotte Hwy #200, Asheville
Monday, Thursday - Sunday: 12PM - 8PM

What They Do
Get a whiff of what this famous local brewery is making today! Highland creates seasonal beverages that you can buy. If you want to taste everything, but don't want a full drink, go for a beer tasting. You can also walk through the process of how drinks are made.

Catawba Brewery
Address: 63 Brook St, Asheville
Wednesday - Sunday: 4PM - 9PM

What They Do
Catawba specializes in unique ales that will get the gears in your head turning. Pumpkin ale? Peanut Butter and Jelly ale? You may find a surprising new favorite flavor.
Address: 80 Broadway St, Asheville
Hours: Every day from 8PM - 2AM

Feel the fright of Asheville in these real life ghost tours. Tour guides will caravan you to different buildings that are rumored to be haunted, sharing stories of specters. With a spooky atmosphere and creepy stories, you may leave this tour with a few extra ghostly friends in your travel party. 
Perhaps one of the more unique ways to familiarize yourself with Asheville, LaZoom tours are a ton of fun for any tourist group. You have four options for shows, each targeting a different kind of tour group.

Tickets range from $25-$40 dollars, but you'll never forget the humor and pit stops you'll make along the way.
Interested in local art? The Woolworth Walk is the perfect place to see the Ashville artist's style and passion. You'll see paintings, sculptures, handmade jewelry, digital art, and much more as you walk through the doors of the art hall.

With over 100 artists' work on display, there is bound to be something that speaks to you.
For the adrenaline seeking crowd, this adventure center is probably what they are excited for. Throughout the year, you'll be able to zipline or run the ropes course, but during the colder seasons you can ski, snowboard, and snow tube.

During the summertime, you'll have access to the Kolo Bike Park. Perfect for those who love to be outdoors.
Harrah's is known for its excellent shows–specifically the Asheville Symphony. On the ground floor, you can have any non-alcoholic beverages for free, and listen to some of the best orchestral harmonies this side of the Atlantic.
These are just a few of the highlights for Asheville, but there's much more to explore! Delve into our website to learn more about Asheville history. We hope to see you book at the Albemarle in this upcoming season.